Multi Kleen is a neutral based multipurpose detergent with mild biodegradable raw material. It's excellent cleaner to use on all surfaces.
Mosaic Kleen is an acidic mosaic cleaner which will remove heavy build up of oxide films and fungus on mosaics, effective as a rust remover and mosaic.
Heavy-Duty Degreaser is highly biodegradable and effective on mineral vegetable and hydraulic oil. Formulated with excellent cleaning properties, especially for greasy dirt, soap scrum, carbon like soil on floor and industrial surfaces. Excellent for garages, plant and workshop.
Cement Soft is an acidic concrete masonry cleaner is very effective to dissolve suspend and clean line cement scale and rust from masonry, builders plant & etc.
Alkaline 45 is excellent for cleaning surfaces especially for damp mopping on all types of flooring. Popular, effective for hard to handle cleaning jobs.
Carpet Kleen is a low foaming carpet cleaner designed for use with extraction systems. It is equally effective when used with hot or cold water.
Foamless is a chemicals to eliminate excessive foam from the recovery tanks of spray extraction machines and wet pick-up suction cleaners.
HS Pearl Lemon is designed for use as hand cleaner and used in most soap dispenser ideal for all hand cleaning operation and hand feel and natural.
HS Pearl Apple is designed for use as hand cleaner and used in most soap dispenser ideal for all hand cleaning operation and hand feel and natural.
HS Anti Bacterial is a concentrated lotionised handsoap contain highly effective skin friendly agent prevent infection, good disinfecting and cleansing properties.
WL Hand Gel is a heavy duty cleaner which removes grease grime and oil. Ideal for engineering workshop.
Sophia Pink is a full biodegradable and with luxurious conditioner to prevent excessive removal of scalp and body oil.
Wax Strip is a powerful floor polish remover, which will remove metallised polishes,finish heavy soil on all water washable hard surfaces.
Mop Strip is a quick acting rinse-free emulsion polish stripper for use with or without machine scrubbing. Ideal for staircase and heavy built-up edges.
Pine Gel is formulated to cleans and disinfectant all washable surfaces with a pleasant pine fragrance Combination of pure pin oil to clean, disinfect deodorise in one operation.
Lemon Fresh is a new formulated deodorizer contain powerful deodorant compound that kills odour at their source. Lemon Fresh is the magnificent deodorizer, leaving behind a fresh scented atmosphere.
Flora Fresh is a cleaner deodorizer contain a powerful deodorant which leaves a pleasant floral aroma when used.
Deo Block is a highly compacted deodorant for longer lasting eliminates putrid odour and releases fresh appealing perfume atmosphere.
Bio Pine is an excellent disinfectant used for disinfecting toilet bow, bathtub, bedpans, floor, telephone receivers and many similar articles. Will leave a pleasant pine fragrance after used.
Venture ultra shine sealer finish is specifically designed for high traffic areas that require exceptional durability gloss and frequent burnishing. This ultra high speed finish leaves a protective coating with a guaranteed brilliant shine.
Tech Shine is a high solid metalised floor finish for all types of thermoplastic and synthetic floor coverings and respond to high speed burnishing.
Spray Buff an unique acrylic polymer to provide a glossy, tough protective coating frequent buffing will reduce stripping cycle.
Tech Seal is designed for protecting new floor and restores old floor. Enable to improves performance of the top coat, prolongs floor shine and protect form penetration of stain, soil etc.
Car Kleen is an economically and effective vehicle cleaner and traffic film remover causing no damage to paint work, trim or glass.
Solvent Grease is a heavy duty alkaline Solvent cleaner.Excellent for automotive degreasing for removal of heavy duty deposit of oil grease and general road grime.
Tyre Bright is apply by sponge or spray on to clean and rejuvenates tyre and blumpers to give extra shine.
Glass Kleen is the ideal product for cleaning windows glass and mirrors giving a sparking, smear free finish in seconds and leaves no cloudy film after cleaning.
Bowl Kleen is a quick and powerful blend of acids for toilet bowl. Will remove scale and disinfect w.c and urinals.
Crystal Block is a deodarant for longer lasting eliminates putrid odour and releases fresh atmosphere. It is suitable use for urinal bowl.